• Preserve the Planet

    Our mission is to offer a vegan alternative that respects the planet.

  • Exceptional Quality

    Our 100% vegan ingredients are carefully selected for their quality.

  • Naturally Good

    We exclude preservatives, GMOs, soy, colorings and flavorings from our pastries.

  • Animal wellbeing

    At Dodo Cookie Co., we are committed to respecting animal welfare by offering 100% vegan products.

An uncompromising commitment

Dodo Cookie Co. is a pioneer brand of plant-based cookies in France, created in 2017 by Kathleen Obre. Inspired by its passion for cookies and a plant-based lifestyle, our brand offers a range of gourmet plant-based recipes, made in France with quality ingredients. With Dodo Cookie Co., discover a vegetable alternative with an exceptional taste.

Discover our story

Taste , Health , Planet , and Animal Welfare

An exceptional taste

Vegetable and gourmet pastries that seduce all palates.

Positive impact on health

We favor natural and healthier ingredients.

Planet friendly

Our recipe choices and packaging aim to minimize the carbon footprint.

Commitment to animal welfare

None of our products contain ingredients of animal origin.

3 cookies with exceptional taste
100% végan

Our mission


Our mission is to offer pastries with an exceptional taste, whose vegan character is beyond suspicion. We know that our food choices are important – for the environment, for animals, for our health – and we believe that small individual actions lead to big collective changes. With our vegan pastries, we want to inspire people to rethink their diet and have a positive impact on their health, that of the planet and the well-being of animals.

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