Our mission

Our mission is to offer pastries with an exceptional taste, whose vegan character is beyond suspicion. We know that our food choices are important – for the environment, for animals, for our health – and we believe that small individual actions lead to big collective changes. With our vegan pastries, we want to inspire people to rethink their diet and have a positive impact on their health, that of the planet and the well-being of animals.

A pioneer brand of vegan pastry in France

The first French brand of vegan pastries, Dodo Cookie Co. was created in 2017 by Kathleen Obre, an “American cookie lady”.

The Dodo Cookie Co. brand now offers a range of on-the-go vegan recipes. Made in France, these recipes offer an alternative with an exceptional taste whose vegan character is beyond suspicion.

Why the Dodo?

Historical bird native to Mauritius, the dodo is a species that died out at the end of the 16th century. Its disappearance is directly attributable to human activity, which is why it represents for us the need to protect the planet.

By using it as a mascot, we symbolize the revenge of the Dodo!